LEED Certification

LEED APLEED consultancy is one of the fundamental services that we provide and we are truly excited to offer the best client support and cost-efficient advise.

What makes Argus Group and AEE stand out is our vast experience in energy efficiency, indoor air quality, microclimate, and all aspects of sustainability. This allows us to provide a much more comprehensive and thorough advise for each LEED project and go far beyond the standard LEED credits “checkbox” consultancy. Our experience also allows us to identify the synergies between LEED credits and thus offer the most cost-efficient solutions to our clients. Even more, we reveal not only the LEED score implications of each suggested design or construction option, but also the effect on actual building operation and maintenance implications.

One of our greatest advantages is that unlike most of the LEED consultants on the market Argus Group’s operations include design consultancy, energy management and sustainability, contracting and installation, and operations and management. This puts us in the unique position to offer a first hand experience and advise on all of the phases of a LEED project and also on all available rating systems including:

  • LEED for New Constructions and Major Renovations (including Retail, Schools and Healthcare)
  • LEED for Core and Shell
  • LEED for Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance
  • LEED for Commercial Interiors
  • LEED for Homes

Another unique advantage of AEE is that our team offers a wide array of technical services required by the various LEED credits. Among these are energy modeling, CFD, daylight and solar simulation, interior lighting modeling, exterior light pollution modeling, acoustics and noise assessment, water use assessment, commissioning and energy audit.

In our efforts to provide the best LEED consultancy services to our clients we have developed a number of in-house documentation, a large database of templates and in-house calculation and modeling tools for streamlined and efficient implementation of the LEED requirements. We strongly recommend our early involvement in the project in order to minimize the cost and time implications of LEED certification and experience the efficiency of our services in full.