Energy Modeling

SPCC 4AEE provides a comprehensive energy modeling service using state-of-the-art software tools. We offer energy modeling services for:

  • New buildings (to optimize the design energy-wise by providing feedback to the project team and assessing design options)
  • Existing buildings (for Level 3 energy audit and for continuous monitoring and verification)
  • Green building certification (LEED, BEAM, China Green Label, etc.)

New Buildings

We know how to use energy modeling with varying levels of detail during all design phases – from concept design to detailed design. AEE uses energy modeling to evaluate how different design options affect the integrated building performance. Starting from high-level systems study at early stage to detailed analysis of operation and characteristics for equipment selection, AEE provides key advise to architects and MEP consultants on the impact of their design decisions on the building energy performance.

Existing Buildings

AEE also provides energy modeling for Level 3 energy audits. For audit projects we develop a calibrated model reflecting the existing building operation and use it to identify under-performing systems or equipment. Moreover, AEE develops energy models for IPMVP Option D Monitoring and Verification for continuous M&V of systems operation through a calibrated energy model and appropriately designed and installed set of metering equipment.

Green Building Certification

The most widely used application of energy modeling is green building rating systems certification. AEE has delivered energy models for a number of LEED and BEAM Plus projects and we know how to maximize the score and guide the design team to the most cost-effective measures for high energy performance. AEE’s advantage is that we know LEED and BEAM Plus rating systems as consultants and we are well acquainted with all international and local regulations, and relevant guidelines for building baseline and design case energy models for LEED and BEAM Plus.