Building Physics

One of the core AEE’s strengths is building physics. Our engineers have delivered advanced computer models elevating the design of a number of projects to a new level of sustainability excellence.

What we can achieve is detailed computational analysis, which is far beyond the scope of traditional design, achieving optimized building performance in terms of energy, indoor environment quality, ventilation, lighting, and many other parameters.

Our expertise covers a wide range of services and we are proud to call ourselves the most cost-efficient one-stop shop in the local building physics market. Some of our key services in this area are:

AEE is unique in the engineering consultancy market because of our in-house software development capabilities. We develop a number of tools for detailed analysis, which complement the commercially available software and allow us to provide services of unsurpassed quality to our clients.

We also provide comprehensive service packages tailor-made for various green building rating systems (notably LEED and BEAM).